Combating Racial Bias in the criminal justice system

Attorneys, mitigation specialists, defense investigators, paralegals, and others working to improve outcomes for our clients.


We seek to utilize research and  about racial bias in the criminal justice system and society as a whole to improve the chances of our clients. The Task Force was formed in early 2017, initiated in part in response to conferences addressing race and the criminal justice system held in recent years. Task Force participants work to operationalize and make “practical” important lessons in this area and to develop strategies that enhance our ongoing defense advocacy and litigation.

Member Resources

The Community Engagement group fosters relationships between defenders and their communities by providing education on the impact of the criminal justice system on communities of color.

The Litigation group researches racial discrimination throughout the criminal justice system and promotes litigation strategies based on those findings.

The Office Issues & Training group promotes strategies to increase racial diversity and create an environment of inclusion to best serve staff and clients of all races and ethnicities.