Offices should pay attention to how office events include or exclude staff members. For examples, happy hours and nondrinkers, certain physical events, and differently abled staff, etc.

Leadership should make an effort to attend and participate in a variety of formal and informal office events.

When you hire people of color to an office with a less diverse staff, you’re putting them on the front lines. That means offices and leadership needs a plan for supporting them through the “probationary period.”

Offices should ensure people of color are trained and supported in pursuing supervisory, managerial, and administrative roles.

Offices should recognize and prioritize mental health and wellness by providing reflective, supportive spaces for employees to discuss the impact of their cases on their mental health and wellness. 

Offices should promote and support remote work, taking both sick leave and vacations, going to therapy, and prioritizing family and self-care.

Office leadership should model prioritizing mental health and wellness.